About us


The Society was established in early 1980 as the product of the first pioneering artists who had newly returned to the country after completing their studies in the arts. Its beginnings came when a group of artists and scholars began to see the potential of crystallizing an entity to draw together professional and amateur artists as well as newspaper and magazine drawers.

With the great leap witnessed by the country during the declaration of the Union, Ministerial Decree No. 14/1 was issued on 15/9/1980, announcing the Emirates Fine Arts Society as a public benefit organization with its headquarters based in the Emirate of Sharjah and with a branch in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Society seeks to enhance the status of the fine arts in the UAE by providing support, care, protection of artists’ rights, representation of the UAE both internally and externally, and organising related activities through an effective institutional work system characterised by its quality and productiveness, based on initiative, active communication, innovation and excellence.


Board members of the current session April 2016 until April 2018

Name Administrative Name
Salem Al-Junaibi Chairman of the Board
Eissa Abdullah Al -Ali Vice Chairman
Khaled Al Banna Secretary-Generall
Saleh Shanbeh Treasurer
Mohammed Al-Qasab Board Member
Alili Al-abdan Board Member
Marwan Al Ali Board Member

Our Location

The Society enjoys a strategic location at the center of the Arts Square in a heritage building in the Al-Shuwaheen area in the old Sharjah market in a quiet urban atmosphere alongside other fine art facilities in the area. The Society has a large exhibition hall big enough to accommodate a comprehensive personal exhibition.


Our Activities

Indoor and outdoor art exhibitions.

Training courses for amateurs in various fields of fine arts and photography, such as painting with pastels and graphite, oil paints, water colors, photography, calligraphy, etc.

Cultural artistic lectures and symposia in the fine arts and all branches of artistic knowledge.

Present performances and the experiences of local artists and residents in modern media.

Organize various workshops and various techniques.

Annual Exhibition of the Society


Since its establishment in 1980, the Society has sought to organize and hold the annual exhibition of fine arts, constituting a living witness to the progress of these arts under the constant care and encouragement of culture in general and the fine arts in particular. It has also been a witness to the incubation of the fine arts that crystallized early in the mid-seventies when culture and the arts increased the momentum of a multitude of programs that varied and multiplied until the UAE became an incubator of the arts and on a parallel level to Arab and international art. With all this momentum came the annual art exhibition as a platform for elucidation, restoration, and evaluation.

The exhibition represents the climax of the intimate encounter between a member and non-member artists inside and outside the UAE, as well as and an ideal way to express the stylistic and conceptual diversity and the real place of repose to reflect what was, and should be.

The UAE Fine Art Movement has succeeded in its quest to put art in its place in local life for 30 years or more. The artistic reality has transformed and interacted in new and renewable environments and horizons. In this light, the Annual Fine Arts Exhibition is not an emergency situation, but rather a confirmation of the artists’ hard work, in which they have found their spiritual, psychological, social and philosophical aesthetic space.

In this way, the Exhibition has been a milestone that confirms that art is a life that is not impersonated but is renewed and seeks to exist. This concern is in line with the role of the Society and that which is was founded upon, with a constant desire to provide models that live up to the level of visual taste as well as add new ones to the dictionary of local experiences, through both internal or external participation, in the hope that their continuous quest will continue to deliver visual messages aimed at educating the individual and society.


Tashkeel Magazine

Tashkeel Magazine is specialist art magazine published by the Emirates Society of Fine Arts dealing with the forms of art as we all as fine art, including many themes and books from all over the world.

The first issue of the magazine was published in 1984, four years after the formation of the Society. The fine art movement witnessed a growth and greater interaction in all other artistic levels. The first issue was published as a fine art exhibition, not exceeding four pages in black and white. The second issue was issued in the same year in printed form, also in black and white.

Today, the magazine is published on a seasonal basis and is considered one of the most important research schools for students, researchers. The magazine deals with all types of arts, especially the fine arts, and is classified by students as a tool for global artistic expression in light of the unique blend of the UAE and the direct support of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.


National Archives of Fine Arts

The National Archives is an electronic platform to document the production of the art movement in the UAE and to follow the path of the Emirates Fine Arts Society through preserving the materials of the Society and collecting documented information, materials, photographs, documentaries and other scientific items related to the fine arts within the country. It also republishes materials appropriately in a manner that allows those concerned with the field to benefit from this great knowledge repository and serve as a vessel for preserving the artistic heritage and cultural interface, which will be expanded to cover all institutions in the UAE.

You can visit the archive website at www.uaeartarchive.ae